David Ferguson speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

David Ferguson

EDF Energy

AI in Energy

The potential for Artificial Intelligence in the energy industry, EDF Energy's early experiments and our vision of the future.

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Cerys Hearsey speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Cerys Hearsey


Building & Leading A Hybrid Robot-Human Workforce

New examples of the hybrid workforce are appearing all the time. Amazon’s warehouse with robotic shelves, the exoskeleton trialled at Daewoo and the financial services startups using algorithms to deliver advice show us what is already possible.

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Steve Lee speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Steve Lee

Open Directive

Getting Reactive with CycleJS and XStream

Reactive Programming (RP) with streams has gained much interest over last year or so, especially now Angular 2 has adopted the original RxJS JavaScript library. RP embraces the many complex async event streams found in modern rich client's including SPAs and also works well in backends.

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Chris Saxon speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Chris Saxon


Why Isn't My Query Using an Index?: An Introduction to SQL Performance

“Why isn’t my query using an index?” is a common question people have when tuning SQL.

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Adrian Strahan

Adrian Strahan


Owning your product

My presentation will be about the challenges that a Product Owner regularly encounters and how they manage and influence an application's development, whilst often working with many conflicting requirements.

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Alasdair Allan speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Alasdair Allan

Babilim Light Industries

The Little Things of Horror

The current age where privacy is no longer regarded as "a social norm" may not long survive the coming of the Internet of Things. To a lot of people the digital Internet still isn't as real as the outside world. But it's going to be a different matter altogether when your things tattle on you behind your back.

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Craig Buckler speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Craig Buckler


Raise Your VR A-Game with A-Frame

An introduction to A-Frame - a Mozilla-led open-source framework for building virtual and augmented reality experiences. It abstracts the complexities of the VR hardware and software stack to provide a simple web-like API for three-dimensional 360 degree environments.

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Gosia Borzecka speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Gosia Borzecka

Boots UK

Overview of SharePoint Framework (SPX)

About a year ago Microsoft announced a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) - a new way of development for SharePoint Online.
Now you can use your own machine with your favourite OS and just write the client-side web part. You don't even need to have an O365 subscription because you can test your code on localhost.

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Dermot Kilroy speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Dermot Kilroy


Developing an agile mindset

The Agile Manifesto captured the mindset of 17 software delivery thought leaders in how they wanted to deliver software. Since then the agile landscape has exploded with all sorts of different tools, techniques and practices.

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John Blackmore speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

John Blackmore

Upad Limited

Remote Working


Remote working roles are on the rise, offering flexibility to employers and employees, opening up roles to workers that would normally not be available due to location or other factors. Based on real world experience over the last 18 months, I would like to share my tips and trips on working within and managing a remote team.

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Samantha Adams speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Samantha Adams

Met Office

Machine Learning, AI and the Brain

Originally purely academic research fields, Machine Learning and AI are now definitely mainstream and frequently mentioned in the Tech media (and regular media too). We’ve also got the explosion of Data Science which encompasses these fields and more. There’s a lot of interesting things going on and a lot of positive as well as negative hype.

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Andy Wood speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Andy Wood


Think like a Gardener

Writing software has been compared to many other professions such as science, engineering, architecture, craft and art. However, while these analogies can be useful, nearly all of them assume that the goal is a finished product. One that might require the odd bit of maintenance and occasional bit of redecoration perhaps, but fundamentally, a more or less static, completed artefact.

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Olly Stephens speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Olly Stephens


The trials and tribulations of providing engineering infrastructure

This talk is a reflection on the things I’ve learnt having spent the last 17 years (and counting) providing infrastructure to the engineering communities at ARM Ltd.

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Dave Longman speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Dave Longman


Replacing Testers with Developers

Modern software release cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Modern development languages and frameworks enable developers to produce new features faster than ever. With the trend of shorter sprints and a general move towards continuous delivery it is becoming more and more difficult to get everything ready to release without testing becoming a bottleneck.

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Kevin Baldwyn speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Kevin Baldwyn

Funeral Zone Ltd

Graph QL

GraphQL is a query language for your API, and a server-side runtime for executing queries by using a type system you define for your data. GraphQL isn't tied to any specific database or storage engine and is instead backed by your existing code and data.

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Jacob Tomlinson speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Jacob Tomlinson

Met Office

Scaling clusters to thousands of servers in the cloud

In order to analyse the petabytes of data we have at the Met Office we need very large clusters of servers. However procuring these pieces of infrastructure takes months or even years of planning and large up-front capital expense.

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Tom Powell speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Tom Powell

Met Office

A useful real world application of virtual-reality

The Informatics Lab has been working alongside the Met Office College to deliver a virtual-reality prototype application to enrich the college’s courses.

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Joseph Woodward speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Joseph Woodward

Just Eat

Going serverless with AWS Lambda

Serverless technology has shaken the development world with a low-cost pay-per-execution pricing model enabling companies to reduce operational cost and get to market sooner at a fraction of the cost.

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Jamie Cole speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Jamie Cole


Cognitive and AI - Where's the money?

Cognitive Applications at IBM have come a long way from Watson's debut on the game show Jeopardy in 2011. As well as introducing the Cognitive topic, this session will look at examples (in particular manufacturing but also healthcare, buildings and retail) to discuss where Cognitive and AI is being used and how organisations are driving value from the technology.

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Michael Jordan speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Michael Jordan


Closing Keynote

Product Knowledge Owner @ SAP (Data Science, Analytics / Associate Lecturer at University of Exeter Business School

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